Troubleshooting your Spa

DISCLAIMER: These troubleshooting suggestions are to be taken with precautionary measures. It is best to first call a service technician. If you are unable to reach a technician, these measures are to be taken with extreme caution. When dealing with water and electricity, it always provides a danger that must be respected. Therefore, Niagara Hot Tubs will not be responsible for any bodily injury that may occur when attempting to repair your spa. Please be very careful!


During the event in which your spa is not functioning to its full capacity, we have compiled a list of troubleshooting methods that may assist in restoring your spa. These troubleshooting tips are to be taken with extra precautions. We recommend that you contact a technician to service your spa, however, we know that sometimes technicians may be unavailable. In the case that a technician is unavailable, you may try these recommendations to assist with restoring your hot tub or to maintain the temperature levels inside until you are able to get a hold of a technician.

troubleshooting your spa

No Heat

Make sure all jets are in open position.

Clean filter(s) VERY well to eliminate possible flow issues.

Turn off Ground Fault Interrupter( G.F.I.) for a minimum of 15 minutes to reset.

If still not heating, as long as circulating pump is working, most hot tubs will have a smart winter mode setting that will automatically circulate the water to help reduce the risk of freezing.

FLO or DR. or DRY Error Message

Turn off G.F.I. while removing filters, replace with new or cleaned filters that have been soaked in filter solution to remove body oils and contaminants. Please be sure to spray the filters with high pressure hose to deep clean the core of the filter to remove all debris.

Ensure all jets are in the open position.

If still no pump action at all, proceed to step below.

No Power to Hot Tub or No Pumps Operating

Check if the G.F.I has switched off. If yes, try to reset it.

It could be a blown fuse on the circuit board due to a power surge. Turn off G.F.I and check fuses.

If all of these possible solutions have been tested without success …


Insert a 100 watt trouble light or forced air heater (ceramic core micro furnace or space heater) inside the equipment door.

Be sure that it is plugged into a G.F.I. protected electrical outlet only.

For the ceramic heaters be sure it’s positioned a minimum 6”-12” away from all plumbing lines and PVC fittings.

Check that the temperature setting is ideal-adequate heat but not too much to cause any damage to plumbing or equipment. Be sure to close the equipment door to keep the heat in.


After 48 hours without repair or a delay in getting a part please follow the instructions below:

Fully foamed hot tub:

At this point drain the water completely and move the forced air ceramic core micro furnace into the hot tub itself.

Be sure to place the furnace on a board in the foot well of the hot tub.

Make sure the temperature setting is ideal. It must be the correct setting to keep the entire hot tub warm and eliminate freezing but not too warm to cause potential damage.

Partially foamed/bagged foam insulation/no insulation hot tubs:

You should be able to leave the trouble light or ceramic micro furnace in the equipment area due to the open spaces around the perimeter of the hot tub.