Therapool SE

Therapool SE


This fitness spa is jam packed with high-end features but at a surprisingly affordable price. A large flat floor makes it one of the best spa tubs for aquatic exercise and rehabilitation and three high-performance flow stream swim jets provide a current for walking or running in place. It comes standard with the H2Xercise System* for rowing and strength training, At the end of your workout, slip into one of the ergonomic seats and let the hydrotherapy jets help relieve aches and pains and speed recovery for many injuries.



132" x 94" (336 cm x 239 cm)


51″ (130 cm)

Water Capacity

925 gals (3,502L)

Weight (Dry/Full)

640kg (1,410lbs) / 4,726kg (10,420lbs)



Propulsion System

3 Flow Stream Swim Jets

Number of Jets

21 (Including 3 Flow Stream Swim Jets)

Water Features



Colourscape LED Light

Power Requirement

50 Amp System

Exclusive Features

EcoPur Charge Water Purification System, H2Xercise System, Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System, Noise Reduction System, Ozone Water Purifier, Stress Relief Neck and Shoulder Seat

Optional Features

Axis Cover, Deluxe Fusion Air Sound System, Deluxe Waterline LED Lighting, Soft Tread Floor System by Sea Dek, Wi-Fi Module

Shell Colours

Master Spas H2X Sterling Silver Shell Colour Sterling Siver

Master Spas H2X Sierra Shell Colour Sierra

Cabinet Colours


Master Spas Duramaster Premium Espresso Skirting Colour DuraMaster Premium Espresso

DuraMaster Premium Graphite Grey Skirting Colour DuraMaster Premium Graphite Grey




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