The Basics to Hot Tub Maintenance: Filter Cleaning

The Basics to Hot Tub Maintenance: Filter Cleaning

Fall is the perfect time for hot tub maintenance. Preparing your hot tub for the winter can help extend the life of your hot tub. When was the last time you conducted a deep clean on your hot tub’s filter? If you can’t remember, it’s time you do one. If you tend to clean your filter every month or so, you’re on the right track. Here are a few simple pointers on why hot tub maintenance is important and how to deep clean your spa’s filter.

Benefits of Hot Tub Maintenance: Cleaning the Filter

Do you ever find the water in your spa difficult to maintain? Well, dirty or clogged filter cartridges can make it extremely hard to maintain water cleanliness. Not only will it make your hot tub maintenance more work but it puts additional strain on your hot tubs pump. By frequently cleaning your filter it helps to reduce the number of hot tub problems you may encounter if you were to simply leave it dirty.

When Should I Clean my Filter?

How often you clean the filter on your hot tub depends on how often you use it. If you tend to use your spa daily it is important you conduct a deep clean of your filter every month.  Another quick preventative measure is to rinse your spa’s filter off with the garden hose every couple of weeks. This will help to keep larger debris from accumulating on the filter.  

How to Clean your Filter

First, remove the filters from the hot tub and spray them down with a high-pressure garden hose attachment. Ensure you are getting between each pleat of the filter. Next, fill a large bucket with warm water and your preferred filter cleaner. It is important that you allow the filters to soak for 12 hours, allowing them to properly be cleaned and remove any build up that they may have incurred. Remove the filter, spray it down very well and place it back in your spa.

Having a second set of filters will ensure no shutdown time will be required when you deep clean your filter. Proper hot tub maintenance is an important step in maintaining the overall condition of your spa. The more you take care of your backyard hot tub, the longer it will last. For all your hot tub supplies, hot tub chemicals or questions regarding hot tub maintenance, visit our website today,


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