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  • Hot Tub of the Month: Ocho Rios SE

    Featured Spa of the Month: Ocho Rios

    Our featured hot tub of the month is the Ocho Rios SE, by Master Spas. This hot tub would be…

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  • Stress-free backyard purchase a swim spa

    Turn your backyard into a stress free environment -purchase a swim spa!

    After a long hectic day, do you tend to come home feeling completely drained or have zero motivation to do…

    by niagarahottubs
  • Bullfrog Spas

    Spa of the Month Feature: Bullfrog R7L

    The Bullfrog Spas R Series high-quality hot tubs offer a luxurious experience at an affordable price. Within the R Series…

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  • hot tub chemicals

    The most efficient way to clean your hot tub or swim spa

    One thing that we’ve heard from many people is that they don’t want to purchase a hot tub or swim…

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  • hot tub spa

    Do you really need to test your hot tub spa water monthly?

    Testing the quality of the water in your hot tub is an important part of ongoing hot tub maintenance. You…

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  • niagara hot tubs

    Canada Day Weekend Hours

    Happy Canada Day from Niagara Hot Tubs! This weekend we will be closed on Saturday, July 1 and Sunday, July 2.…

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  • high quality hot tub

    Niagara Hot Tubs’ Spa of The Month: Master Spas Twilight 240

    The Master Spas Twilight Series is the perfect option for the hot tub buyer interested in high-end reliability, relaxation and…

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    Like Niagara Hot Tubs on Facebook for a chance to win!

    Help Niagara Hot Tubs get to 1500 likes! For a chance to win a FREE hot tub cover, a $500…

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  • best hot tubs for sale

    Niagara Hot Tubs has your guaranteed best prices!

    Niagara Hot Tubs GUARANTEES the best prices on the best hot tubs for sale! Before you go to a tent…

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  • hot hot tub

    How hot is too hot for your backyard spa?

    Deciding how hot to set your backyard hot tub depends a lot on comfort level. Some people like a very…

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