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Axis Swim Spa Cover System

Axis Swim Spa Cover System


The Axis Cover System is available for order for Master Spas swim spa models. This premium cover raises the bar for swim spas covers. The design features the best materials and unmatched fit and finish. The high quality swim spa cover is user-friendly and can be placed on the swim spa and taken off the spa with ease by one person. Designed to fit tightly, using Master Spas’ unique fastening system, the Axis Cover System sits securely to your hot tub to ensure the longevity of both your spa and your cover.



8' (Width), 12' – 20' (Length)

Exclusive features

Adhesive Coat: Unique adhesive coating permeates bers and forms a monolithic molecular bond., Architectural Fabric: Tightly woven high-strength bers provide excellent tear and puncture resistance., Insulation Bag: Proprietary 5-layer insulation bag separates our energy efficiency from the rest of the market, Vinyl Black Coat: High performance proprietary formulation provides excellent abrasion resistance, Vinyl Face Coat: Superior UV and weather protection to add life to the cover


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