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  • cold weather and your new hot tub

    Cold Weather and Your New Hot Tub

    Taking time to relax in the warm water of your new hot tub or spa is the perfect cure for…

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  • niagara hot tubs valentines day special

    Happy Valentine’s Day From Niagara Hot Tubs

    This Valentine’s Day, treat your someone special to a gift that keeps on giving. Visit Niagara Hot Tubs and view…

    by niagarahottubs
  • where to install your new hot tub

    Choosing Where To Install Your New Hot Tub

    Are you thinking about purchasing a new hot tub, but you’re just not sure about the installation? This is common…

    by niagarahottubs
  • benefits of your hot tub spa before a massage

    Should I Use My Hot Tub Spa Before a Massage?

    If you’re someone who suffers from back pain, joint pain, or find yourself with knots in your muscles, whether it…

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  • hot tub maintenance checking your hot tub regularly in winter

    Winter Hot Tub Maintenance: Checking Your Spa Regularly

    As part of your regular winter hot tub maintenance, going out and physically opening the cover of your hot tub…

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  • How Hygienic is your Spa?

    How Hygienic is your Spa?

    Spas are meant to be relaxing and fun. They are a place to ease muscle tension and maximize relaxation. However,…

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  • holiday hours - niagara hot tubs

    New Years Holiday Hours

    Niagara Hot Tubs will be closed tomorrow Sunday, December 31st and will reopen for regular business hours on Tuesday, January…

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  • holiday hours - niagara hot tubs

    Christmas Holiday Hours

    Just a friendly reminder. We will be closed from Sunday, December 24th to Tuesday, December 26th! We will return to…

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  • Water Conservation Tips for Your Backyard Hot Tub

    Water Conservation Tips for Your Backyard Hot Tub

    One reason that may cause people to be wary about purchasing a spa may be due to the worry the…

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  • Protect your Spa During a Storm

    Protect your Spa During a Storm

    Winter is definitely upon us. Over the next few weeks, we are more than likely expected to encounter at least…

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